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Moscow in 2014 - Programs, things to do and places to visit

Where to go and what to see this year? If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and wish to get to know a beautiful and unique world, your destination is Moscow.

The capital of the Russian Federation is one of the biggest cultural centers of Europe and the world. The city is rich of historical monuments and contemporary entertainment. Moscow always offers something undeniable, may it be an art exhibition or a party in one of the world’s best nightclubs.
In this place you will never find yourself bored, and here are some tips, on what’s interesting in Moscow this year:

To the ones that would like to visit cultural events in Moscow, the best choice is the Moscow International Film Festival that is a regular event since 1959. Many world widely famous names are related to the festival, such as the American film director Tim Burton or actors and actresses like  Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson and Gerard Depardieu that are just a few of who  the „I Believe. Konstantin Stanislavsky” prize   was awarded to. The festival presents films of professionals of the industry as well as talented first-timers. This event is perfect to experience the difference between cultures through the films since the festival is open for entries from all over the world. The date of the event is 2014 June 19-28. Do not miss this amazing opportunity.

If you would like to see a movie only with your friends or date but ordinary cinemas are too boring for you, the recently opened first anti-cinema “Kino-House” is a great place to go. Basically it’s a cinema, where you can forget about the ordinary cinema rules. The interior is very comfy with couches, pillows and huge screens, where you can not only watch a movie, but play karaoke or video games, order or bring food and drinks instead of only popcorn. It’s very entertaining even for kids and is an amazing place for parties.

Also can’t forget about one of the biggest events in European cities and sure the greatest event of the year in fashion all over the world is the Fashion Week. Fashion Week lets us finally see what our favorite designers came up with this time or letting new names get into our hearts and wardrobes. A real fashionista can’t miss an event that includes the best Russian designers’ shows like Valentin Yudashkin and Kira Plastinina. Do not make other plans for 29. 03. - 04. 03. 2014 because it’s Moscow Fashion Week.

Moscow is also very popular for the nightlife of the city which can’t be compared to any other parties in the world. The fanciest and most expensive nightclubs can be found here and parties that one is allowed to visit only by invention or if their name is on the list. Dress code and face control is taken very serious at these places. Top 3 of the best, most expensive and luxurious nightclubs are:  Soho Rooms, Krysha Mira and Icon. The places for the Moscow elites high class entertainment. If you are one of those party people who can afford the best things in life, shouldn’t be spending your Friday nights anywhere else then Moscow.

So nothing to wait for, get a flight ticket rent a flat and prepare for the best experiences in life that Moscow will sure give you.

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