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Property rental in Moscow

At Home Moscow's clients are international and Russian companies, as well as private individuals, who are come to us for professional real estate services.

Whether you are in Russia to travel, on a business trip, alone, with family or friends, your own, accomodation in your own apartment makes your visit more independent, comfortable, sand safe: a home away from home.

There is immediate confirmation of all rentals, and our services are backed by guarantee. Our English-speaking Moscow staff are here to assist you whenever you need help. Our apartments have all modern amenities and furniture, are spotlessly clean, and come with fully-equipped kitchens which can cope with any entertaining you might wish to do. All apartments are safe, secure, offering privacy in central locations.

If you already decided exactly what you are looking for in Moscow:

Rental of real estate in Moscow and the Moscow Region (Russia)

At Home Moscow is universally recognized as a leader in the elite rental real estate market.

Whether it's an apartment or a country house you seek, At Home Moscow can find the best options for you. We know that the search for an apartment can be stressful, but with At Home Moscow you can rest assured that your problems will be solved.

Right from the start, one of At Home Moscow's expert realtors will be working as At Home Moscow is universally recognized as a leader in the elite rental real estate market.

All properties are listed with detailed descriptions, rents, photos, floor plans and a map of the local area.

Search to Rent

The advantages of working with At Home Moscow:

  • Ours is the most extensive database of residential properties for rent, both short and long term. We have over 10,000 apartments and houses at our disposal in Moscow and the Moscow Region, with something to suit all budgets and tastes
  • The highest standards of service
  • We supply only objective market information
  • With our database and contacts, you save time
  • We can find the ideal residence according to your specifications
  • A hassle-free move and relocation

The idea of relocating to Russia may cause some concern for a first-timer, but with us to take care of you, you will be able to discover the delights of this splendid city.

Leasing a suitable property in Moscow is a priority for anyone coming to Russia for any length of time. We listen to your needs, answer your questions, take care of the search, and guide you through not only leasing the property, but also the process of arriving in a new neighbourhood. We check all available properties then shortlist properties according to your specifications, whether those include schools, a budget limit, size, or district.

Having drawn up a shortlist, we inspect each property in turn. We know that looking round properties can be exhausting. When you have chosen a property, we negotiate the terms of the lease and have contracts drawn up. If your company has a standard lease, then we use that, and if not, we deal with the legal and lease issues. Once the lease is signed, you just pay the landlord the rent and deposit.

If you decide to lease property in Moscow, our expert consultants will introduce you to the lease real estate in Moscow market and supply you with any information you require. We also put in offers for properties based on your requirements from our data base. Please, call our Moscow agency and we'll find an apartment for you for sure!

There is every type of property available in Moscow, be it an historic mansion overlooking one of Moscow's many ancient churches, a place in the theatre district, close to the museums, top-grade office buildings, boutiques, restaurants, elite fitness clubs and numerous facilities for children. For example, the area between Ostozhenka and the Prechistenskaya embankment is one of the most luxurious areas, with a concentration of old mansions, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and the lanes of the Stary Arbat. Other exclusive areas are the Zamoskvorechiye, Ostozhenka and Spridonovka districts, the Patriarchy Ponds, Chisty Prudy, and Tverskaya-Yamskaya.

You also can rent property in Moscow in one of the new complexes which are now becoming fashionable, where you will find every conceivable facility: fitness clubs, beauty salons, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and even schools. These complexes are often located in green areas, and some even have their own parks. Such are the Pokrovsky Hills, Rosinka, Godunovo, Syetun, Rozhdestveno, and Edem. Most of these 'villages' are located out of the city, and it a car journey of 15-40 minwill get you there. At Home Moscow Real Estate Agency can also help you to find cottages and houses in the city, in areas such as Serebryaniy Bor, townhouses in Pokrovsky Hills, Godunovo or Syetun. We also offer private houses in the famous artists' village Sokol, cottages in Altufievo, Rechnik in Krylatskoe, and townhouses in Kurkino. This type of property is generally for long term rental and have a total area of about 150m2 -1000m2.

Some of your questions may have already been answered in our FAQ section.

If you should have any unanswered questions or would like a consultation, please contact us at any time and our experienced team will be ready to help you.


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