FAQ about property rental in Moscow

What for do I need to engage Real Estate company while renting a property?

Our company will organize the tour for your property even if you are not in the city. We work with a broad spectrum of clients and advertise your property. We will represent your interests and negotiate with the potential clients regarding your requirements.

How do you select properties?

We carefully follow your request and offer you only those properties that totally satisfy your requirements. We have one of the biggest data in Moscow and always search for the best properties.

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Is there any difference in taxation depending on who is the owner of the property?

Yes there is. If the owner of the property is an individual he has to pay 13% taxes from the rent amount. In case the owner is an individual with the status of individual entrepreneur he has to pay 6% from the rent amount.

What expenses usually covered by the owner?

The owner usually pays the utilities except for the electricity, payment for the cable TV, international phone calls and payment for the Internet.

What is the average amount of the Security Deposit?

The security deposit usually is equal to one month rent and is kept by the owner until the end of lease.

Is there a possibility to keep the Security deposit as a payment for the last month of rent?

In cases parties have no objections the security deposit can be included in the payment for the last month of rent.