How to buy a property in Hungary?

  • If you are not an EU-citizen, you need the permission of Governmental Office for buying a real estate in Hungary. However there are no forms, a request has to be sent to the following address: Váci Street 62-64, Budapest, Hungary.
  • The request has to include:
    • the address and parcel number of the real estate you are about to buy
    • the purpose of buying (for living, because of work/education etc.)
    • the period you are planning to spend in the country (For how long are you buying the real estate?)
    • a statement whether you have another real estate in Hungary
    • a declaration of consent, in which you approve that the Governmental Office can ask for your personal data from the immigration records
    • the copy of right of abode (there is no need of certification)
    • the copy of passport recertified by the consul or the notary (copy of pages with personal data are enough)
    • the original sales contract – the permission of Governmental Offices is needed for the registration of Land Registry. You can make the sales contract to come into force if you have got this permission. Until waiting for the permission, you can request the Governmental Office to leave the registration in abeyance for maximum 6 months. The procedure is usually transacted in 15+30 days and can be started after contracting. In this period the Governmental Office is searching for the responsible mayor in the district of the real estate, and asking for date for the case from the Immigration Office.
The charge of the process is 50.000 HUF.