7 offices in Moscow

Special offer: Luxury apartments in Moscow

We would like to show you the available luxury apartments for rent and for sale in Moscow

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Getting around Moscow

Local transport Taxis There are many taxi services in Moscow, both official and unofficial. Th...

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Places to go in Moscow

Several places worth seeing in Moscow

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Attractions of Moscow

One of the most apparent things initially to any first-time visitor to the city of Moscow is th...

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The Districts of Moscow

Arbat – Kropotkinskaya Here you will be able to see and breathe the atmosphere of Old Moscow, a...

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Cost of living in Moscow

10 Russian Roubles (Rb10) = £0.20; US$0.29; C$0.36; A$0.41; €0.22 Cost of Living Although Mos...

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Expat life in Moscow

In this Section: Cost of Living in Moscow Districts of Moscow Attractions of Mosco...

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