Cost of living in Moscow

10 Russian rubles (RUB) - 0.17 GBP, 0.21 EUR, 0.28 USD, 0.31 CAD 0.32 AUD


A single metro ticket costs 40 rubles and smart-card for 1 day costs 200 RUB, for 30 days -2200
Cost of a single bus ticket is 30 RUB
Prices of taxi trips are between 200 and 1800 RUB
Car rent prices are around 40-50 USD for mid-class cars and 60-200 USD for business class cars. For additional cost drivers are available.

Shopping and sightseeing

Museum tickets and tickets to historical monuments are usually around 100 RUB
Shopping in Moscow isn’t cheap, but the Made in Russia things are usually not as expensive as the imported.


Typical Russian food is usually cheap and delicious. Well except caviar which is a typical Russian food.

Eating Out

Fast Food restaurants like McDonalds KFC or Pizza Hut can be found all over Moscow, but there’s many other places to eat on the go, that are offering more traditional Russian food. (For example different pirogs) Restaurant prices start from 200 RUB


Depending on the places you decided o go to the cost can be very different. Some of the night clubs don’t have entry price and you can find quite good drinks for an affordable price. On the other hand, there are some of worlds most expensive and fancy clubs, where a simple drink can cost around 15-20 USD.

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