Getting around Moscow

Local transport


There are many taxi services in Moscow, both official and unofficial. The price does not vary a great deal however, so we would recommend that you use the official marked taxis, as they generally tend to be more reliable. Please be aware however that no driver will use a meter, and prices can vary, meaning that it is best to ask the expected cost before getting in.

International services

Bus services are the cheapest means of getting to Russia but can be limited, whilst air prices can vary greatly according to demand and the season.

Domestic services

The train service within Russia is usually reasonably comfortable and reliable, whilst the bus services are usually of a slightly lower quality without a great difference in price. When embarking on long-distance train journeys within Russia, we advise that you book your ticket on a skory, or fast, train, which stop less frequently than the passazhirsky, or passenger, train, and are generally much cleaner and more comfortable.

Travel within the city

The metro underground system in Moscow is the most reliable, quickest and cheapest way of getting round the system. It is the biggest metro system int he entire world and contains 173 stations with 12 different lines. All stops and routes are clearly labelled and easy to follow, and many of the station stops feature stunningly beautiful and striking designs. There is a general maximum waiting time of only 2-3 minutes, although, as with any large city, the trains can become very crowded during rush hour.

Car & motorcycles

The majority of visitors to Moscow choose to use the extremely reliable public transport system ,as most people find driving within the city both time-consuming and expensive, although it is perhaps advisable to invest in car-rental when venturing outside of the city centre, as the quality of public transport will not be as high.