Real Estate Guide to Moscow

Moscow, as the political, financial and cultural centre of Russia, one of the world's most influential countries, is constantly in demand in terms of both foreign and domestic investment in all areas of business, and the housing market in particular. There has been a marked increase in property prices over the past few years, something which is expected to continue for the foreseable future. There has also been a general relaxation in property ownership laws and the introduction of a more flexible financial system, meaning that now is an ideal time to invest in the area and gain maximum returns on your investment.

Do you want to invest your funds in a promising and profitable project?

For anyone looking for long-term investment opportunities with reliable income and low-risk projects should look no further than the property market. Traditionally houses have proved to be a far more reliable means of investing money than the majority of buisness, and we at the At Home Moscow believe that with our expert advice and consultation, you will be able to make investments that are both safe and capable of prociding high capital gains.

We have a multitude of contacts throughout moscow, and work very closely with these people to provide you, the client, with as comprehensive service as possible, in order to ensure that you make financially sound decisions and that each investment is managed carefully for the duration of the relationship.

Moscow real estate guide tips

It is no longer necessary to endure a lengthy and time-consuming process when attempting to get a loan or purchase a property in Moscow; information needed can be easily obtained via the internet and the documentation has been regulated and standardised, meaning that the whole process can now be completed in a matter of days and weeks.

Secrets to finding the "ideal" Moscow home:

If you are thinking of purchasing a property in Moscow, either as a personal residence or as a long-term investment, it is vital that you carefully research the area that the property is located in. Because the neighborhoods of Moscow vary tremendously in terms of safety, facilities, cleanliness and friendliness, it is necessary to be certain that you invest in the right kind of area, so please take the time to speak to people you know and to us at the At Home Moscow for our opinions on where to invest, and will do our best to provide you with information and advice that you need.