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The Districts of Moscow

Arbat – Kropotkinskaya Here you will be able to see and breathe the atmosphere of Old Moscow, among the lanes lined with Art Nouveau mansions, and yet at the same time be only a short distance from the centre and the city's major attractions, though seemingly miles from the traffic, the comings and goings of the metropolis.

Chistye Prudy A name once associated with imprisonment, and sometimes worse, the Lubyanka is a wonderful place for a walk nowadays, neither picture-postcard attraction, nor suburban sprawl, this is as close to the 'real' Moscow as it gets, with the rapid alternation of quiet lanes, bustling streets, traditional architecture and more recent too. This area also contains Kitai Gorod, the centre of Moscow's club culture.

Frunzeskaya This riverside residential area contains many of the city's green spaces, and is something of a haven from city life. Across the river is Gorky Park, and in spring especially, the area is colourful and fragrant with apple and cherry blossom.

Krasnopresnenskaya An area of transition and change, the centre of the 'City Project' development, to be Moscow's financial centre, with the advantage of containing great numbers of offices, as well as bars, cafés, restaurants, and residential buildings as well. The zoo, The White House, and the US Embassy are all close by.

Kutuzovsky Bounded by Kutuzovsky Avenue, a major arterial road, this are features some truly monumental apartment blocks, as well as boutiques and top-drawer retailers. Victory Park is also in this district.

Leningradsky Prospekt Again located on a busy artery of the city, in this case also leading to the airport, and again home to some monumental architecture, as well as the American School. The district is close also to the neighbouring Pokrovsky Hills.

Leninsky Prospekt This district offers fabulous views over Moscow from the nearby Sparrow Hills, and is home to the University and the Neskuchnii Gardens, which itself often hosts festivals and concerts. The Prospekt itself is a major shopping area, with many big stores and boutiques.

Patriarshy Ponds One of the most elite neighbourhoods of the city, with high-density of western expats, while the pond is a great attraction in itself, and a hub of the metro system, while the park is a wonderful place to jog, stroll, sit, or play.

Taganskaya is a south-east district of the central part of Moscow. It is one of the biggest districts, and is crossed by numerous highways. In a past few years it has become one of the most prestigious and high-class districts. It is an integral part of the cultural and historical centre of Moscow. There are 6 theatres, 2 cinemas, 5 exhibit halls, 14 libraries, 3 art institutions and 4 museums in it, as well as expensive casinos and jewelry shops.

Tsvetnoy Boulevard This is a green district with mostly older buildings. It was named after flowers shops which moved here from Teatralnaya. A good place for leisure and relaxation, with many landmarks, museums, and theatres, while for the younger age groups, the district offers clubs, bars and restaurants. Despite this, this is also a district in which you'll find inexpensive apartments.

Tverskaya This is the historical centre of Moscow. It is an area of unique architecture and cultural relics, as well as being the oldest district. The city's cultural image is well represented by the 19 theatres, most of them world-renowned. Tverskaya is a main street with beautiful building facades, shops, and galleries. It is considered a centre of the social, cultural, and business life of Moscow.

Zamoskvorechie This the oldest part of central Moscow and one of the elite districts. The word 'Zamoskvorechie' means 'by the Moscow River'. Despite all new buildings, banks and business centres it is much calmer in here than in other districts. Many Russian banks have their headquarters in this part of Moscow.


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