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Moving to Hungary easier – Unique settlement and investment program

Have you ever thought about moving to Budapest with your family because of getting a job there? Now the Hungarian government is giving you a unique offer which we would like to present in this article. You can read the basic information about the program below.

What do you get with the program?

If you decide to move to Hungary for long term, it is worth for you to invest in a 5-year stock. After investing, you get a settlement permit for unlimited duration for yourself and your family as well. Besides, the program provides for you the free travel in the Schengen zone.
About the costs

The minimum face value of the stock is 250.000 Euro. If you would like to settle down by yourself, then the administration fee is 40.000 Euro, and if you submit the application with your family, then it is 55.000 Euro.

The progress
After signing the contract you have to transfer the value of the bond (min. 250.000 EUR) and the administration fee (40.000 or 55.000 EUR) to a bank account in Lichtenstein. Personal documents (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate) are necessary to fill the application form. You get back the filled out forms in e-mail, and you have to print them out. With the printed documents and two passport photos per person you have to turn to the respective foreign representation. The administration fee is 60 EUR. After that the Immigration Office gets the documents in e-mail. If you meet the requirements of national security, the residence permit is completed in 4-5 workdays.
The investor’s residence permit is valid for 5 years, so it is especially important to have a passport which is valid for 5 years and 3 months.
What is the next step?
6 months after getting the residence permit you and your family is able to request the settlement permit in Hungary. The requesting process takes 3 months in the frame of this program, which is a big advantage, because normally the length of the procedure is 3 years. The settlement permit is valid for 5 years, but is indefinitely renewable.
What kind of rights will you get?
The owners of the permit can travel in the Schengen zone in every half year for 90 days, but the half year period starts over with every border crossing, so basically they have the rights for unlimited travel.  The participants of the program receive equal treatment in the following issues:                                 
  • rights for paid and unpaid work, employment and working conditions (working hours, safety procedures, rights for vacation, allowance and firing)
  • rights for interest subsidy
  • education and training, recognition of qualifications, scholarships
  • social benefits (family allowance, old-age pension, free public health care) and health insurance
  • social benefits, tax relief, access to goods and services
  • the right of association, union membership, federal right of representation
  • free staying in the whole area of the concerned country

This article includes the general information about the program. If you need more details or any information, please turn to our colleagues by sending an e-mail to the following address:


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